May 15, 2012

Incite the Phantoms Process

Whenever I made a change in a piece that I'm not sure about I save it as a new JPG to compare with the last step, sometimes I end up going back (one of the good things about digital painting) and sometimes I don't, but I always end up with a bunch of JPGs that show my process.

I decided to do something fun with one of them and made this animated gif instead of the typical step by step tutorial, I'll do one of those eventually though, enjoy!


  1. This is really great. I often do this just in Photoshop itself, turning layers on and off to see the difference and give myself a little positive boost.

  2. It's very helpful, and I think Noah Bradley does it the same way you do, duplicating layers in photoshop and then showing and hiding them, for some reason I got used to doing jpgs, now I have a pretty good process for almost every piece I've made.