Nov 29, 2010

DnD Monday 15

I haven't worked with my copics in a while, and I was inspired by the work of a fellow illustrator to pick them up again.

I had this idea for a future illustration, although DnD goblins don't look like this, I took some artistic liberties.

I'll share the thumbnails during the week!.

Nov 24, 2010

Iaijutsu Focus

Failed test for Legend of the Five Rings, not everything turns out like one would hope!

Well I'll probably bother the AD in a couple of months again, nothing breaks my spirit.

DnD Monday 14

Here's my DnD Monday, I'll have next one by monday or I'll consider changing the name of this activity to DnD "whenever I get some time to finish it"

Also, it's a private commission for a client.

Nov 15, 2010

DnD Monday 13

I skipped my last DnD Monday, I've been more busy this days but I also had some troubles regarding one of my brothers breaking my bed, so between trying to fix it and making trips to buy materials, I just didn't have enough time.

Besides, I've been working on the Art Order Dungeon Delve challenge, which is my current DnD Monday.

Nov 4, 2010

DnD Monday 12

I'm behind schedule, but as you may know, I have a new day job, and less time.

Also, finishing a couple of other illustrations, and I had a failed attemp for a DnD Monday while I was sketching for Art Order's Dungeon Delve challenge.

Might post a few thumbnails of that btw.

Oh, and this one's just a quick illo, I've been very inspired by Dragonlance and the Solamnic Knights lately.