Dec 27, 2013

Encargo Final Dibujo Digital 2013

Elegir uno de estos encargos profesionales y hacerlos en el computador utilizando cualquier programa (técnica digital libre).

Formato de la entrega:

  • Impreso, tamaño carta (una ilustración más chica debe ir impresa en el tamaño carta, no recortarla)
  • Nombre por detrás de la impresión.

Fecha de Entrega: Viernes 10 de Enero

1. Corredor Oscuro - 1/2 página, columna. Se ve un corredor de piedra trabajada que se aleja del espectador hacia la oscuridad con 2-3 aventureros caminando en esa dirección con sus espaldas al espectador (o quizás uno de ellos está mirando sobre su espalda para revisar la retaguardia del grupo)

2. Espada Mágica - 1/2 página, columna. Ilustración de una espada mágica o daga, probablemente brillando con runas o produciendo algún otro efecto mágico (espada de fuego, espirales de energía mágica, etc).

3. Tomo Antiguo - 1/2 página horizontal. Ilustración de un acercamiento a un libro de magia antiguo que esta´abierto con una mano que escanea la página. La mano podría ser de un viejo sabio, con edad pero poderoso, usando un par de anillos. Un anillo debería tener una joya de un color verde profundo. Los otros anillos pueden ser simplemente de metal liso.

4. Claro Encantado - página completa (orientación de retrato). Ilustración de un claro en el bosque, quizás al centro hay una fuente de piedra antigua u otra escena mística. El clima puede ser cualquier estación del año, y puede ser de día o noche.

Oct 7, 2013

L5R Gates of Chaos - Map of the Northern Territories

One of the latest illustrations I've done for Legend of the Five Rings, I think this card was spoiled last month, and as always I decided to make a couple of changes before showing it again.

Sep 4, 2013

Tabula Rasa Comic

It's now time for some comic coloring news

I'm currently working in a comic with Joyce Maureira for a Kickstarter project written by Shane Crash and Anthony Mathenia. Joyce is doing the pencils and inks, so you know that the artwork is going to be great, and I'm coloring her artwork.

You can head to the Kickstarter page if you're interested in the project, it's a split comic, with ours in one side.

Tabula Rasa/Butterfly - a Grindhouse Split Comic

Aug 21, 2013

L5R Gates of Chaos - Spawn of Vritra

I was checking the website of Legend of the Five Rings since I've been reading a lot about Gates of Chaos, one of the sets I participated in, when I saw that the Spawn of Vritra illustration I did for the set was spoiled, so here it is!

As always lately, since I made this last year, or maybe at the beginning of this one, I'm not sure, I made some changes to the illustration, nothing big, but things I just notice after a few months without looking at it.

And as always in these cases, here's the card preview.

Aug 19, 2013

Inkwell Ideas - Roper

A roper done for Inkwell Ideas.

This is my favorite of the set I did, I like how the tones and atmosphere turned out.

©Inkwell Ideas. February 2013.

Aug 16, 2013

Inkwell Ideas - Dire Tiger

It's finally time to show some of the work I did for Inkwell Ideas at the beginning of the year, there are some illustrations I really liked among these, but of course I didn't have permission to show them until now.

This is a Dire Tiger, I was studying tigers a while back, so I really liked working on this illustration.

Dire Tiger. ©Inkwell Ideas. February 2013.

Jun 21, 2013

Vexith Gaming - Snake

A recent illustration done for Vexith Gaming, it's pretty simple actually, but I liked how it turned out.

© Vexith Gaming

May 22, 2013

Huck Finn's Adventures In Underland

This is a page from the comic "Huck Finn's Adventures in Underland"it's a project I'm currently working on with Nikola Jajic and Gabriel Peralta, so far it's been a blast and I really like the results.

You can check out the comic and buy it for only $1.99 on Comixology

May 16, 2013

Vexith Gaming - Battlements

Hi everyone! it's been a while since my last update, but here's another illustration for your enjoyment.

This was done for Vexith Gaming, I've been having a blast with the assignments for this project, and it was done completely with acrylics, with veeeery little tinkering in Photoshop, all thanks to my brand new Epson Perfection v500 Photo scanner, which has saved me a lot of headached since I learned to use it properly.

I'm very happy to be working with acrylics now and then, I still want to try more stuff, but so far I've been enjoying the process a lot.

The original acrylic piece is for sale

Feb 18, 2013

L5R - Chun

Another preview of my work for the L5R set Torn Asunder, I think the set was released on February 15 but I searched the card to make sure.

This was originally called "crane's mercenary" in the art order, but the name was changed as almost always, it was one of my favorites when I did the work for that set, but I made some tweaks to it as with the others.

Here's the card

Feb 13, 2013

L5R - Seppun Ryota

Another preview for the L5R expansion "Torn Asunder" I like some of the things I did in this one, but I couldn't resist making some tweaks to the illustration, you know, I would do some things differently now.

And the card as always.

Jan 29, 2013

L5R - Thunder Bow

Previews have started for the next set of Legend of the Five Rings, I already showed one of the illustrations I made for this set, the Lion Scouts, although I'll share it again in the future to show the card too.

I think I made this illustration around June last year, still, there isn't much to fix in it, I was rather happy with the result at the moment and I enjoyed working on an item, I never thought I would

Here's the card, I have no idea if it's good, I've only played the L5R role playing game.