Oct 25, 2010

DnD Monday 11

This one has Joyce's lineart, she's my very real girlfriend by the way.

I painted this as a commission and weekly activity, it's a 4e druid, I kinda like how I made the shadows of the character, I've always loved Kev Walker's way of doing that very thing, but I never really succeded doing them until now.

In other news, I got a day job at Devir, not my ideal thing but I have to pay the bills!, besides it's the closest to gaming I'll be here in Chile, this means more drawing than ever, I don't want my daily job to get in the way of my goals.

Oct 19, 2010

DnD Monday 10

I must not forget that these are practices, so the excercise is in doing an illustration a week and trying different things, so here's what I have to offer this week.

Still, I might tweak things a little later on, I'm not so crazy about the excesive red in the illustration, it looks weird in some monitors, and I might as well add some more details.

Oct 14, 2010


Here's a future illustration that has been in thumbnail form for ages, I keep posponing it!.
Future DnD Monday, someday though, I still have to do those commissions.

Oct 12, 2010

DnD Monday 09

I'm a little late again, haven't had the time to work on personal illustrations with the commissions I have going on.

Anyway, this is the second part of the last drawing, a lot of editing and rendering to do, but I'll have it finished by next week, I hope.

Oct 8, 2010

DnD Monday 08

Ok I know it's friday, but I had this sort of finished by Monday, then decided to add a thousand details and I ended up taking more than I expected.

It's looking better than the previous version though!, that's why I didn't want to show it then.