Sep 27, 2012

Enchanted Glade - Part 3

Even though I liked the dragon sketch I did, it needed a few changes, the first thing I did was to use my very basic 3D knowledge to create a proper base for the statue.

I also decided to turn the statue the other way, I was surprised I didn't think of it before, this way the statue doesn't "escape" from the view. I also did the drawing again and it turned out much better. Well, the other one was just the sketch.

Finally I made a color rough just to show the basic values and color I'm going to use to my client, I heard an Art Director say that you should give an idea of what colors you're going to use to your AD, so I made this quick version, it was also a good reference for when I started painting the final.

The next part of the series is the last one, and I'll show the final version of the illustration.

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