Aug 3, 2012

The Wasting of Duny Slough Cover

I haven't made any posts in a while, it happens when you're extremely busy

This is my newest piece so far, it's the first of many covers that I plan to do for Headless Hydra Games

There's something special about this piece and it's that it was done with acrylics, even though it doesn't look like it, and that's because scanning the piece was a real pain. In the end I never could scan the thing and make it look as good as the original, so I had to go over the piece digitally in ArtRage, I was able to fix some issues too, and I think it looks much better than the original now, but well, that really wasn't the point of doing an acrylic piece.

Someday I'll get a better scanner or a super camera, A3 scanners are way too expensive.

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