Jul 4, 2012

L5R - Scorn the Weak

Another illustration I did for the Legend of the Five Rings set "Shadow's Embrace", I still like this one a lot, I've done a few better now though.

Here's the card, maybe someone can tell me if it's a good one.



  1. As usual some spectacular work!

    If you don't mind a mini critique, my biggest issue with the image is that the action doesn't seem to make sense. The way the vassal is falling and the direction the sword is going don't quite seem to match, especially with the way the dude with the sword is holding his sword.

    I hope that doesn't sound too harsh, especially since I genuinely love your work!

  2. Don't worry you're absolutely right, I think I need to be more accurate with some details, like the way a samurai would hold a sword or the way it hits.

    I did practice kendo for half a year though, hope that helps for the next time.