Jun 2, 2012

Playing the Game Comic Color

Some time ago I posted some samples of comic coloring that I did for "The Circle of the Wilted Rose", a comic drawn by Joyce Maureira. I thought that I could try that and cast a wider net to get more freelance work. It worked great, I quit my day job at Devir a couple of weeks ago and now I'm just freelancing.

For now I've been pretty busy just coloring comics, I'm working to make some time to do more illustration work in the future, but I'm with a couple of crazy deadlines right now.

Anyway, it's a big improvement and I'm very happy that I took that step, hopefully I won't have to get a day job again.

After saying all this, here's a comic page that I colored for a project called "Playing the Game", it was really fun and I think my coloring style was a good complement to the pencils.


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